Chandler Riggs Will Try To Balance College, Walking Dead Season 8

Chandler Riggs Will Try To Balance College, Walking Dead Season 8

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coralBecause his parents are, like, so embarrassing, Chandler Riggs found himself the subject of rumors he would depart The Walking Dead after this season, possibly seeing his character, Coral, killed off. While that might be a wise move, considering the show’s rapidly dropping ratings, that isn’t the plan, according to an interview Riggs gave to The Hollywood Reporter.

Looking ahead, congratulations on your college acceptance to Auburn. How might that impact your future with the show?

You never know how it will go. I really do hope it works out because that would be really cool. I like to be in The Walking Dead and I like to play video games and just hang out with my friends and try to be as normal as possible so going to college would be another really cool, normal experience in my life. I want for it to work out.

Is there a way in which you can be a full-time student as well as a series regular on The Walking Dead?

Yes. Theoretically, I could take one or two classes on campus and maybe an online class. My professors would have to be willing to cooperate. It wouldn’t be easy but I think that could be possible.

Riggs confirmed that he was indeed trying to do that, but ducked a question about whether or not he has a contract for Season 8 yet. So Coral may be zombie food by the end of the season after all! Here’s hoping that doesn’t happen, and Riggs is able to find the right balance.


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