BOOM! Is Publishing a 40 Page WWE Wrestlemania Special Comic For $7.99

BOOM! Is Publishing a 40 Page WWE Wrestlemania Special Comic For $7.99

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In an EXXXCLUSIVE reveal at (putting those Arune Singh connections to good use already), BOOM! Studios has announced a special 40 page one-shot WWE comic: Wrestlemania 2017 Special #1. The creative team is as bloated as the latter day NWO, and will soon need to be split off into Creative Team Wolfpac, with writers Dennis Hopeless, Andy Belanger, Box Brown, Stevie RayAubrey Sitterson, and Ross Thibodeaux, artists Andy Belanger, and Rob Guillory, and cover artists Rob Schamberger, Adam X Vass, Jim Rugg, and Horace Hogan. The comic will cost a whopping $7.99, showing Arune Singh is bringing some other, more terrible ideas to BOOM! from his time at Marvel as well.

The comic will look back at past Wrestlemania moments in history, as long as none of them involve Hulk Hogan, Chris Benoit, Jimmy Snuka, or any other past superstars that put the company in potentially embarrassing spotlight, because that wouldn’t be best for business.

Despite their newfound partnership with BOOM!, didn’t have any covers from the actual comic, instead showing art from other WWE comics. Luckily, Bleeding Cool has EXXXCLUSIVELY obtained the 1:1000 variant cover, which we proudly reveal below:


Here’s the solicit description:

Every April, WrestleMania takes the world by storm as the biggest, most prestigious live event in Sports Entertainment. What better way to celebrate the Granddaddy of Them All than with a collection of stories featuring the most exciting creators, the biggest Superstars, and the best moments throughout WWE history? WWE: WrestleMania 2017 #1 is an oversized one-shot that features a variety of stories showcasing the rich history and wealth of Superstars WWE has to offer. From the seminal ladder match between Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon, to the heart of the Attitude Era, all the way up through Daniel Bryan’s legendary tour de force performance at WM XXX, this special will have something for all WWE fans!

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