See Leonardo Romera's Uncolored Art From Hawkeye #1

See Leonardo Romera’s Uncolored Art From Hawkeye #1

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Back in July, Bleeding Cool Editor-in-Chief and lead rumormonger Rich Johnston got the scoop on the upcoming new Hawkeye series by Kelly Thompson and Leonardo Romero. We know that he got the scoop because he wrote “Scoop!” at the beginning of that and like thirty other headlines that day after getting his spoilery mitts on a copy of the Marvel NOW 2: This Time It’s Nower preview magazine.

Artist Romero did an interview on today, talking about the book, which hits stores on December 14th. Nothing mind-blowing is revealed in the interview. Romero says he found the previous costume “so strong” and kept it basically the same, and talks about how fun it is to draw Kate Bishop and L.A.. The preview artwork shown off are the same pages we already saw back in November (but uncolored this time). But we’re excited for the book and want readers to remember it’s coming out next week, and also we never miss an opportunity to tell you that you heard something first on Bleeding Cool, so we figured, why not kill two birds with one stone, show you the inks, and say, “pip pip.”







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