Mass Effect: Andromeda Was Inspired By Destiny In Key Areas

Posted by December 5, 2016 Comment

mass effect

From my talks with lots of game developers, it always surprises me how many are addicted to Destiny. From AAA, to indies, there is something about the game that drags some developers in in a big way. This is all circumstantial of course, but it’s true in my experience.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, that extends to Bioware. In an interview with Gamespot, it seems Mass Effect: Andromeda has taken some cues from Bungie’s title. Director Mac Walters explained what they were inspired by in Destiny, and what they tried to take from it.

The fluid movement and very tight combat mechanics. Specifically, camera, controls, and character.

If Destiny gets one thing right, it is the game’s stellar moment to moment mechanics. Despite what you think of it’s framing, even the most ardent detractors usually concede how good it feels to shoot stuff in that game. If Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s combat can feel even close to that good, I’m ll over it.

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