Funko Pop In December's Loot Crate, Revealed (SPOILER)

Funko Pop In December’s Loot Crate, Revealed (SPOILER)

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safe_imageDecember’s core Loot Crate promises an exclusive Funko Pop figure. There was an alleged falling out between the two companies over a year ago, which saw the exclusive Funko Pop Vinyl figures that so defined the Loot Crate’s earliest offerings, find other homes.


Instead, Loot Crate turned to the Q-Fig figures which, though fun – especially last month’s Doctor Strange – have less big-headed appeal.

In the internim, Marvel Collectors Corps has signed up an exclusivity for Marvel based figures – and have been making short films to match. While DC Comics has similar with the Legion of Collectors box.

But in the upcoming Loot Crate box for December, with a Revolution theme, we are getting an exclusive Loot Crate figure of one of these properties.

screen-shot-2016-11-22-at-2-17-20-pm And Bleeding Cool knows which. Courtesy of an employee of Ubisoft who posted this accidentally, the pop will be an Assassin’s Creed figure…

pfcub1idse0yIf that’s enough for you, subscribe here and get added discount with the BLEEDINGCOOL code.

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