The Arrow Fan Art That Caused The TV Show To Apologise

There is this TV show called Arrow. It is based on the comic book Green Arrow. You may have possibly heard of it.

And a number of viewers have very, very strong feelings about whether the lead character, Oliver Queen, should be in a romantic relationship with the character Felicity (Olicity). Or stay true to his now very dead girlfriend Laurel, the Black Canary. And fans are divided as to whether Felicity killed the show or is the point of the show. There has also been criticism over whether Felicity cries too much on the show, and criticism of that criticism as being insensitive regarding people who have suffered PTSD.

So when the Arrow Writers Room account asked

They got plenty of art, including,

Showing the cast with a living Black Canary and a crying, weeping Felicity. Which the account, run by the writers of the show, retweeted.

cyskyf6vqaaurq9Oh dear.

Soon enough, @ArrowWriters had a change of heart.

Did that make everything better? For some…

Others wanted more

And others wanted… less.

All I can say is… it's tough to work the Arrow writers social media feed…

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