The Invasion Crossover Wraps Up With A Legendary Finale

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This articles contains spoilers for the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow episode – Invasion.







The Invasion crossover concluded with DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and looking at this episode and the event as a whole I can honestly call it brilliant. This was more than just the Arrowverse version of the Invasion story, this was a silver-age crossover event comic brought to life. Somewhere in the 80’s, writers began decompressing stories. Giving them room to be emotional and to spend time on the little things. But that has continued on to the point now that you buy the first issue of a series and nothing has happened. You can not say that about this event. Multiple times I looked at my watch, surprised at how little time they took to do so much in each episode.

The episode started with the non-metas returning from their trip to space. The team decides to go back to the 50’s when the first Dominators arrived and capture one. Try to find out why they are interested in the Earth. Vibe, Felicity, Steel, Heat Wave and Vixen head off to do that. Cisco and Felicity reluctantly stay on the ship while the others go an capture a straggler… and then the Government lead by a much younger Agent Smith (Matrix anyone), captures the Legends and take them and the alien back to their secret base… like all good secret government agencies have. They talk with the Dominator, discovering they are there because of the Metahumans (the JSA). Cisco and Felicity break them out and they decided to free the Dominator and send him on his way in the ship Oliver and crew had escaped in. They then head back to modern time with a device that might let them communicate with the aliens.

Meanwhile, the President had called and asked for a meeting. Flash, Atom, White Canary and Green Arrow wait for the POTUS to arrive. Supergirl is not there because Oliver, being Oliver, asked her to back off a bit and not go. He was hoping to get some level of normalcy back. When the older Agent Smith arrives instead and threatens the team, the take out the agents quickly and find out from Smith that the aliens have made an offer, they will leave Earth if Barry Allen turns himself over to him. Seems the whole reason they are there is because of Flashpoint. This just keeps getting better and better for Barry doesn’t it?

Cisco finds out the same thing from his new Dominator buddy sixty years later… Dominators age well… but realizes that by freeing that Dominator, he had changed the past and created a new timeline… understanding Barry a little more. Meanwhile, Professor Stein is trying to figure out a weapon to use against the aliens and is lucky that his newly discovered daughter specializes in just the field they need. Stein keeps her at a distance for a long time until they have a breakthrough moment together and suddenly he connects with her. He decides he’s not going to tell anyone but Jax about it because he doesn’t want to lose his daughter.

Barry has decided to turn himself over to the Dominators to save the planet. Except Oliver tells him no, that he will stop him. Barry asks, him and what army. We then see the army of heroes including Cisco who is putting his anger aside to stop his friend from sacrificing himself. Even Mick has something almost encouraging to say… almost.

Stein and Stein create a little disc that they can place on the Dominators that will cause them a lot of pain… kind of a mean thing to make… but one has to be placed on each alien before they are activated. Plus, the Dominators drop a bomb meant to exterminate meta… and about 2 million other. Sara and Cisco take the Waverider to stop the bomb. Flash and Supergirl start planting the pain devices, Felicity waits at the base to trigger the pain and Green Arrow and his league take the fight to the aliens.

The fight is not going great but not horribly, but they’re just trying to buy time for Barry and Kara. Meanwhile Oliver gets knocked off the roof and saved by Kara… they have a moment involving an approving head nod. Sara and Cisco can’t stop the bomb so they call on Firestorm to transmute it. It’s bigger than anything Firestorm has tried to do and Jax is doubting his powers, but Stein encourages him by mentioning his daughter that they must save. They are able to turn the bomb into what appeared to be water. (Alien invasion defeated by water, that seems familiar). Felicity triggers the pain device and the Dominators turn tail and run. Yay Team!

The episode wraps up with people forgiving Barry for Flashpoint, Firestorm having a secret to keep form their team mates, a nice moment between Oliver, Barry and Kara. Cisco giving Kara a device that will let her portal between the Earths anytime she wants. Welcome to the Arrowverse Supergirl. Maybe she’ll get Oliver to come train Guardian once she knows it’s James Olsen. And then Kara went home.

The episode and the event ends with Oliver Queen and Barry Allen having a beer at a bar. A moment in celebration of how much the shows have grown over the years. It started with Stephen Amell, it grew when Grant Gustin joined, now it’s big enough to do an event like Invasion. Both characters have gone through a lot of tragedy and are still there, fighting the good fight.

And it leaves me, and probably Greg Berlanti, Andrew Kreisberg, Marc Guggenheim and the rest of the writers and producers of Arrow, Flash, Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow asking the same question: How are they going to top this?

Next week on Legends: The Legion of Doom, Al Capone and the return of Captain Cold.

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