In Case That Last Thor Ragnarok Poster Is Fake, Here's Another One That's Totally Real

In Case That Last Thor Ragnarok Poster Is Fake, Here’s Another One That’s Totally Real

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Earlier today, an unusual looking “movie poster” for Thor Ragnarok hit Twitter, prompting the entire entertainment media to trip all over themselves in a rush to publish clickbait headlines like “Is This Thor Ragnarok Concept Art For Real?


Now, we’re not exactly adverse to a little speculative clickbait ourselves, so we covered it as well, of course noting that the image “purported” to be a leaked poster, and doing our proper journalistic due diligence by phrasing the headline in the form of a question. Entertainment journalism is a lot like Jeopardy, if you think about it, with Rich Johnston a less suave version of Alex Trebek.

Now, strictly speaking, if we had to guess about the veracity of that image, we would say that the answer is probably: “no.” More specifically, we would guess that the answer is probably: “of course it’s not real, why would Thailand of all places get the first Thor Ragnarok movie poster, we’re not even 100% sure that’s even Chris Hemsworth in that Thor costume, it might actually be photoshopped onto the body of Hawkeye shooting a bow, and anyway, it definitely looks like someone pieced it together quickly in Photoshop, printed out out, and then brought it along with them to a muppet bukakke party.”

However, we might be jumping the gun there. Just because something is bad, even laughably bad, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not real, and it’s not like Marvel hasn’t made some questionable decisions with their movies in the past. Exhibit A: Nicholas Cage in Ghost Rider. Exhibit B: Nicholas Cage in Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance. We rest our case. So there’s definitely a possibility that the above image is totally legit.

In case it’s not, however, we wouldn’t want to spoil the fun of the entertainment media and grind the 24 hour entertainment news cycle to a halt. With that in mind, we decided we need a backup plan, in case this all goes South. Using our crack journalism skills, we’ve photosh… er, located this second possible leaked Thor Ragnarok poster which, while we cannot vouch for its authenticity, is certainly good enough to ask the question: “Is This Thor Ragnarok Concept Art For Real?


Maybe you can tell us? Maybe you’ve “found” some Thor Ragnarok posters of your own? If so, send them to us, and maybe we’ll publish the best ones in new articles with headlines phrased in the form of a question.

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