Exclusive Retailer Covers For JLA #1 And Super Sons #1 In January – Just The Two

Posted by December 1, 2016 Comment

It seems so quaint compared with Marvel’s seven-to-eleven-a-month. Even Titan Comics are jumping in with more.

But for February, DC Comics is making Justice League Of America #1 and Super Sons #1 available for retailer exclusive covers.

I was talking with a senior executive at DC Comics earlier this year who tells me that too many of these covers tends to eat into others, cannibalise potential sales, there are only so many retailers who, each month, will pony up the thousands of dollars required to get one of these. And while each one adds around 5000 onto that month’s sales, per retailers, the logistics can eat into the profitability.

Basically, each sale of a retailer exclusive cover make less money for the publisher than a regular cover sale.

Thing is, while DC may restrict theirs to two a month to avoid cannibalisation, they can’t factor for other publishers going over the top.


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