Neill Blomkamp Isn’t Making Chappie 2 So Please Stop Asking Him

Neill Blomkamp‘s Chappie is a pretty devisive film. While a lot of people think it is a bit of a misfire, it does have a bit of a cult following. I saw it grace lower down on a handful film of the year lists last year, for example.

To illustrate, it seems one fan is very desperate to make a sequel happen. So insistent were their DMS to him, that Blomkamp had to get ahead of the pass and affirm that a Chappie 2 isn’t coming. In a tweet that made me chuckle a little, Blomkamp (who oddly isn’t verfied) Tweeted:

Blomkamp’s, who was meant to be doing an Alien 5, before Alien: Covenant happened, is currently without an announced project yet. I would wager that it probably isn’t going to be Chappie 2 though…