Star Citizen Developer Has Decided To Share Internal Schedules To Calm Community

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Star Citizen‘s development has been going on for years and years now, and the production has raised more than $100 million in crowd funding. However, it has continually missed set dates, and while content has come out of Cloud Imperium Games, it’s hard to know exactly the state the project is in.

It seems the developer has heard that too, and they are about to do something pretty drastic to assure the community the game is on track. In a big letter, CEO Chris Roberts revealed that the studio will begin releasing internal schedules to show fans exactly how the game is going. This will include target dates, but Roberts is very clear that these dates will shift before people’s eyes. He said:

Whether or not to share this kind of information has been a long running debate among the team here at Cloud Imperium Games. Target dates are not release dates, and everything you see will shift at some point, sometimes slightly and sometimes wildly. The danger in doing this has always been that casual observers will not understand this, that there will be an outcry about delays every time we update the page.

We’ve taken stock, thought through everything and decided that, while that is a risk, above all we trust the community that has given us so much support. The community that has let us focus our passions on this incredible project. You have allowed us to take this journey, you have tracked and followed so much of how game development works… and now we think it is right to further part the curtain and share with you our production process.

The schedules will be posted up on a weekly basis.

This is a pretty wild move, and one I don’t recall a developer doing previously. If we have learnt anything about this game though, it is that Stat Citizen is anything but a normal game. This should be fascinating.

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