Savage Dragon To Get A Very Very Big League Guest Star, Believe Us

Savage Dragon To Get A Very Very Big League Guest Star, Believe Us

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The comics world has not reacted kindly to the election of Donald Trump, as reported in depth right here on Bleeding Cool. We’ve seen some creators, like Humberto Ramos and George Perez, say they won’t visit conventions in states that voted for Trump. We’ve seen Mark Waid say he will go to conventions, but will use his privilege to set up safe spaces while simultaneously flipping tables. But Image founder and Savage Dragon creator Erik Larsen has a more pragmatic approach to the impending Trump presidency: he’s having him guest star in his comic.

On Facebook, Larsen posted:

Some fans suggested a few gruesome caricatures, but Larsen explained:

Trump won’t have much an impact on the story, it seems, however:

Though Larsen might change his mind in the future:

The only remaining question is, will Trump’s costume be boring and practical, or will he show off some of that sexy orange skin? We’ll have to wait and see. One thing for sure is that it’s not likely to be a ringing endorsement like this one:


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