James Gunn Dispels Rumors Of More Fox/Marvel Collaboration

James Gunn Dispels Rumors Of More Fox/Marvel Collaboration

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Did you know that there was a rumor floating around that Fox and Marvel could team up for an Avengers and X-Men crossover movie? No? Well get ready to have your world rocked. There’s a rumor going around that Marvel and Fox could collaborate on an Avengers and X-Men movie after they made a deal for Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy 2. Pretty exciting, right?

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn

Well, now prepare to be disappointed. Reliable comic book gossip site Cosmic Book News reports that Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn has shot down rumors of an Avengers and X-Men crossover movie, with Gunn answering a fan question on Facebook by saying: “They aren’t more chit chatty. Sometimes studios have to make deals. People shouldn’t infer anything more than that.”


Even more of a bummer, the question asked by the fan on Facebook which Gunn was replying to didn’t even have anything to do with an Avengers and X-Men crossover, instead asking whether The Thing, owned by Fox as part of the Fantastic Four film rights, might appear in Guardians of the Galaxy just like in the comics. We’re sure this was an honest mistake on Cosmic Book News’s part, and not a shameless attempt at clickbait. We mean, if you can’t trust a rumormonger named Matt McGroin, then who can you trust?

So there you have it. First you didn’t even know there were plans for an Avengers and X-Men movie crossover, then you did know about it, and then you knew that it wasn’t going to happen, all in the span of one article. It’s like an emotional roller coaster around here.


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