You Can't Swing A Dead Cat Without Hitting A Vigilante In Star City

You Can’t Swing A Dead Cat Without Hitting A Vigilante In Star City

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This article contains spoilers for the Arrow episode – Vigilante.







In the latest episode of Arrow, appropriately called Vigilante, we meet Vigilante even though we’ve been seeing his alter ego Adrian Chase for a while. Okay, we’re assuming that Chase is the Vigilante in this version… guess he COULD be someone else. But I’m going to stick with the idea that they are following the comics.

The main focus of the episode is that Vigilante… not to be confused with when Oliver Queen was called The Vigilante… is turning in dead bodies to the cops with a V mark on their face. He watched too much Zorro as a kid. When it’s discovered by the team, a few of them are cool with him being out there, helping them do there job. Oliver points out that they were all pissed at him for killing people last week and are no okay with it. He may be missing the trust issue that was also involved. But Green Arrow makes the decision that Vigilante is a psycho and not a vigilante. And the team go after him by going after the criminals he’s chasing.

The episode does a good job showing that Vigilante is more than a guy who decided to pick up a gun and take justice into his own hands. He’s smart. He figures out the second robbery is a trap and finds the surveillance van and uses Mr. Terrific as a hostage to talk to Green Arrow. They’re both pig-headed and certain they are right, so of course it leads to them fighting. A pretty even match until GA gets him with a bolo arrow (They’re doing more gadgets like that this season.) But when Oliver tries to take of Vigilante’s mask, there is an small explosive charge that goes off, knocking Oliver to the floor and giving Vigilante time to get away. How this doesn’t jack up his own face I don’t know.

In the side stories, Quentin Lance is not drunk enough to believe he is Prometheus and tells Thea Queen about it who convinces him to go to rehab. Glad to see they didn’t pursue this as a storyline. But it tells the team that Prometheus knows Oliver is the Green Arrow.

Rene Ramirez and John Diggle become closer as he arranges to have Lyla Michaels and John Jr. show up to make Dig feel better for missing his sons second birthday party.

And I haven’t talked much about the flashbacks this season, but with the addition of Dolph Lundgren as Konstantine Kovar, its worth taking note. Kovar and Oliver get into a fight that is broken up when the head of the Bratva arrives and we learn that Kovar has made a deal with them. That Oliver was just used as a pawn. But since Oliver swore to kill Kovar, I’m sure this isn’t over yet.

And then we end with the surprise twist that Evelyn Sharp is working with Prometheus. Does that tell us anything about Prometheus’ identity?

There is no new Arrow next week because of the Thanksgiving holiday, but the show will be back on November 30th for it’s 100th episode and part of the 4-show crossover Invasion. The episode has been described as a love letter to the fans, and we know a lot of previous characters will be returning including Deathstroke and Robert Queen. Hmmm… maybe Robert Queen is Prometheus… Flashpoint and all…

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