Dan Slott Quits Twitter Over Pro-Trump Rhetoric

Posted by November 15, 2016 Comment

Dan Slott, writer of Marvel’s Amazing Spider-Man, Clone Conspiracy and Eisner winner for Silver Surfer has never been backwards when coming forwards on Twitter. I’ve certainly had a to-do with him occasionally (when he chooses to briefly unblock me) and while he has been vocally opposed to the very existence of Bleeding Cool, at one point comparing us to the makers of snuff films, he has also retweeted very occasional posts that others chose to ignore, such as charges made against comic creator Eric Basaldua.

He does have the reputation of having a hair trigger response to criticism (as, to be fair, so do I) and his involvement across the internet with matters relating to Spider-Man and other issues have been legion.

But today, while he had been debating back and forth with readers about the election of Donald Trump, suddenly… he was gone.

And yes, indeed, it appears that Dan Slott has deleted his Twitter feed, in full. Every note of support or venom, every word of cheer or critique, every bon mot or mal mot disappeared into the ether.

He posted on his Facebook page, which still remains,

15094431_10208868308399646_830034894209849971_nAside from some retweets, this appears to be his final tweets, currently cached on Google.

screenshot-635 screenshot-634 screenshot-633 screenshot-632 screenshot-631 screenshot-630Maybe he’ll be back… in four years? Oh and he’s also still on Instagram…

Well, if you’re preparing for the apocalypse, that’s one way to go.

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