Report And Listing Suggest The Nintendo Switch Will Be Priced At $250

Posted by November 14, 2016 Comment


The price of the Switch is going to be crucial to its success. The cheaper it is, the more I expect the “mainstream” to jump on board a la the Wii.

We might have a hint now too. Let’s Play Video Games, who have been a very reliable source for leaks around the Switch, are saying that retailer GAME have been told to expect the console to launch at £199.99 (roughly $248.55). It’s also noted that this is expected to be the world wide price, as the console is rumoured to be region free.

That isn’t the only source on this though. As WCCF Tech pointed out, a listing on Canadian Toys R’ Us breifly had the console priced at $329.99 Canadian, which is in line with the reported pricing.

Now, neither of these are official of course, but both coming out today does hold some weight. If this is in fact the price, I think this is right on the money. A perfect price point for the console. We will see next year when Nintendo open up about it again.

(Last Updated November 14, 2016 12:30 pm )