Ed Benes And Artgerm’s Justice League Vs Suicide Squad And Other Variant Covers… (UPDATE)

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Ed Benes has another exclusive Rodman Comics cover for the upcoming Justice League vs Suicide Squad comic, as he did for Harley Quinn. Here are the black-and-whites…


UPDATE: And the colour:


Legacy Edition have an Artgerm exclusive of Suicide Squad vs Justice League #1, in both colour, copic and virgin colour variants,

ssjl1-artgermColour:  £7.95 : Copic:  £9.95 : Set of Colour, Copic & Virgin Colour £32.95

Fried Pie variants have more cover variants for their collection of shops, including Books-A-Million and 2nd&Charles…

1111-ben-caldwell-ww_bw_comp5bbWonder Woman/Bionic Woman #1 – Ben Caldwell – 1800 Standard and 300 Virgin Rare

1111-godkiller2016011_cover001_inksfin_col_lrfGodkiller Volume One Trade Variant – Ariela Kristantina – 1000

1111-capmarv2017001_torque_friedpie_varMighty Captain Marvel #1 – Elizabeth Torque – 3000

And from October Country Comics in New Paltz, New York on Saturday the 19th, Fred van Lente, Rafer Roberts, and local artist Mike Sheinkopf are signing and promoting the new Valiant title Harbinger Renegade, with an exclusive retailer exclusive cover by Sheinkopf.

unnamed-14While Niobe: She Is Life #4 was published with a contest-winning fan cover by Joyceline Furniss.

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