Oh My God! ECW Announcer Joey Styles Fired From EVOLVE For Trump-like Comments

Oh My God! ECW Announcer Joey Styles Fired From EVOLVE For Trump-like Comments

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stylesFrom 1993 to 2001, Joey Styles was the voice of Extreme Championship Wrestling, with his trademark shout of “Oh my god!” whenever the company’s hardcore wrestlers performed a particularly nasty piece of violence. But today, it’s Styles’ own Extreme comments that have thrust the 45-year-old wrestling legend back into the spotlight. At pro wrestling organization EVOLVE’s Evolve 72 PPV event last night, Styles told ring announcer Joanna Rose: “Joanna, you look great tonight. And if our next President were here tonight, he’d want to grab you by the…”

The comment, referencing Donald Trump’s infamous Access Hollywood comments about women, proved too much for promoter Gabe Sapolsky, who tweeted:


And later:


This marks the second job Styles has lost this year, having been dismissed from WWE in August, with no salacious reason given for the termination. Styles had been Vice President of Digital Media at the company since 2008, after a stint as commentator for WWE’s RAW program and its ill-fated ECW revival. Styles’ commentating can still be heard on Philadelphia-based sci-fi wrestling promotion Chikara’s events, at least as of press time.

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