Ant-Man Concept Art Shows Off Returning Villain That Didn't Make The Cut

Ant-Man Concept Art Shows Off Returning Villain That Didn’t Make The Cut

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Ant-Man was a fun enough addition to the MCU, with the film bringing a little levity to proceedings on Earth. It did however suffer a little by not having an amazing villain in Yellow Jacket.

However, at one point, he wasn’t the only bad guy set to be in the film. Arnim Zola, last seen in Captain America: The Winter Soldier as a talking computer, was at one point set to turn up in the film. We know this thanks to concept artist Josh Nizzi sharing a bunch of different takes on the character. He looks quite different too, with mechanical constructions having different ways of showing Zola’s face. It’s not clear why he didn’t end up making it into the movie, but these are interesting to look at regardless.

Here is one, but make sure to go to Nizzi’s website to see more.


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