Batman And Captain America Are Doing The Same Plot, Yet Again

Batman And Captain America Are Doing The Same Plot, Yet Again

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Member when Batman died? Member when Captain America died?

Shot by some kind of magical gun then left their body dead, but their mind transported back in time, leaving them to find through the decades while in the present, their sidekick took on their mantle and fought pretending to be them until they made it back to the present day?

Strangely both plots were published concurrently in the comics, one written by Grant Morrison, the other by Ed Brubaker, both close friends.

It was rather bizarre.

Well, it’s happening again, in All-Star Batman written by Scott Snyder and Captain America written by Nick Spencer. Both friends.

Okay, Batman hasn’t been remade by a mother box to have always been a member of the Court Of Owls.


But in this week’s All-Star Batman, we have had Bruce Wayne’s life in a school for problem children, with Harvey Dent as his best friend, better known as Two-Face. And talking from one bunk to the other.

all-star-batman-2016-004-015And in this week, we have Steve Rogers in a Hydra school for troubled children…


and his best friend Helmut….18_24

…better known as Baron Zemo.


Alive and not dead like you might have thought.

Will they go for a bit of a drive?



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