Great Scott! Christopher Lloyd To Guest Star On Big Bang Theory

Great Scott! Christopher Lloyd To Guest Star On Big Bang Theory

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docbrownYeah, I went there with the cliche headline. Go ahead and stare. I’m not ashamed.

Back To The Future star Christopher Lloyd is set to guest star on CBS’s Big Bang Theory in a secret mystery role in December. The show, which is a favorite target of geek ire for exploiting geek culture but is also the most popular comedy on television, has frequently features geek icons as guest stars, including Stan Lee, Leonard Nimoy, Carrie Fisher, George Takei, and others. It’s possible that Lloyd will play himself, or Doc Brown in a fantasy sequence, just to please viewers, and his appearance couldn’t have come at a better time.

Back To The Future has turned out to have a pretty decent track record with its predictions lately. The Cubs won the World Series this year, just one year off of the film’s 2015 prediction. And in Back To The Future Part II, sleazy businessman and stereotypical bully Biff Tannen gains political control over 1985 Hill Valley and turns it into a dystopia. Writer Bob Gale recently revealed who that character was inspired by.


However, the show has also often paid tribute to classic television with guest starts like Bob Newhart. Lloyd also starred in the sitcom Taxi, and fellow Taxi alum Judd Hirsch guest stars on the show as the father of Johnny Galecki’s Leonard, so it’s possible that Lloyd will play a similar role, aiming to tickle the fancy of Taxi fans instead of Back To The Future ones. Or maybe they can pull off both at the same time. The show’s executive producers refused to say, only claiming, “We think we’ve created a fun part that fans will really enjoy.”

The role will have to remain a mystery now, as well as whether it’s a one-off or recurring spot, unless Rich Johnston can get one of the show’s writers drunk in a pub, but we’ll find out when the episode airs on December 1.

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