WWE Wrestler Sin Cara Gets Anger Management For Backstage Fight With Chris Jericho

WWE Wrestler Sin Cara Gets Anger Management For Backstage Fight With Chris Jericho

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angermanagementThere’s a new development in the story of the backstage brawl that occured on WWE’s European tour between Sin Cara and Chris Jericho. Following the fight, which reportedly saw Sin Cara punch Jericho and Jericho bite Sin Cara’s fingers, and which witnesses say was won by Sin Cara, Sin Cara will be sent to anger management classes. Jericho later denied being knocked out during the fight, though he did not deny that he lost. Jericho had a strong record in backstage fights previously, making it a big win for Sin Cara.

The report comes from Dave Meltzer, the Rich Johnston of wrestling journalism, on his subscription-only Wrestling Observer Radio Show (why don’t we have one of those, Rich?). Meltzer said that Sin Cara wasn’t disciplined officially, but is being sent to the classes. Every other website that covers wrestling then repeated the news from Meltzer, as is IWC (internet wrestling community) tradition.

Sin Cara has been in several backstage fights over the years, and remains undefeated, but this is apparently not viewed as a positive thing by WWE for some reason. Jericho, on the other hand, is believed by many to be the GOAT (greatest [wrestler] of all time), and so is immune to any punishment.

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