Get A New Look At Power Rangers Movie Costumes Because Honestly Do You Have Anything Better To Do?

powerrangersAs comic book websites struggle to feed the insatiable hunger of the beast known as the 24 Hour Comics News Cycle, anything even vaguely related to comic books is fair game for a clickbait article. Such is the case with these Instagram photos, which capture what appears to be the costumes of the Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, as well as villain Rita Repulsa, from the upcoming Power Rangers movie. Little is known about these photos, as comic book news giant describes the location they were taken as "event" and their source as "Instagram user Michael Wong," providing no other information about their origin and filling the bulk of the article with random facts and boilerplate copy about the upcoming film that have nothing to do with the photos themselves. Similarly, Eisner Award winning website Comic Book Resources clearly has no clue where these photos came from either, but they attempt to give the impression that they do, noting that the photos were taken at "a recent event where the quintet of armor were on display."

Nobody knows where these photos were actually taken, but they are front page news on every comics and geek-related website in the blogosphere.

Honestly, what kind of website would so transparently bluff their way through several paragraphs in an attempt to fill space so that they can post a random person's Instagram photos and rake in clicks for Power Rangers search traffic? It's utterly shameful, and frankly, I'm glad that I work for paragon of journalistic virtue Bleeding Cool, where we would never engage in that kind of blatant… what's that? I've hit the acceptable word limit? Oh thank god! Here's the Instagram photos. Power Rangers is set to hit theaters on March 24, 2017.

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