Big Things Coming To World Of Warcraft... Big Things

Big Things Coming To World Of Warcraft… Big Things

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kiljaedenOkay… Blizzard just roled out a LOT of upcoming news for World of Warcraft. They just dropped patch 7.1 and we already know what’s coming with 7.1.5 and 7.2… and where they are going after that. I’m going to hit the highlights here.


With 7.1.5 we get the return of the Brawler’s Guild with two a few new things. Group rewards… items you can win like a portable graveyard, that everyone in the area can use when played. Random raid bosses that pop up and pulls everyone in the que into the fight. And what might be the biggest thing… a Basilisk mount.

They will be introducing Micro-Holidays including Ahn’Qiraj Remembrance day on January 22nd where both factions can work to earn points during the day and the winning faction in the region gets their flag flying over AQ for the year. Also Volunteer Guard Day, Boat Day and Hatching of the Hippogryphs.

There will also be a Blade’s Edge Arena upgrade, both visually and the addition of a voice over announcer.

There will be class updates to increase talent diversity, balancing the secondary stats, making rotations feel better and adding or returning missed abilities…. like all hunters being able to trap again and rogues getting back Shroud of Concealment.

This will be hitting the Public Test Realm right after Blizzcon.


With 7.2 we get a named patch again… Tomb of Sargeras. The main focus of this patch will be the return to the broken shore and succeeding where the factions lost their leaders. With this comes a continuation of your class order hall quests, a new faction: Arms of Legionfall, new world quests some of which are class specific. Players will be building a base on the shore and choosing different things to build like Mage Towers, Command Centers and Nether Disruptors.

For the folks that liked the invasions that came out prior to Legion, there will be Legion Attacks on the zones of the Broken Isles. They will work as world quests (even with emissaries). But you will also be able to take on Legion Commanders and enter into three man scenarios to board their ships.

And the big announcement… Flying returns. Flying on the broken isles starts after doing the new Pathfinder achievement. But with flying also comes new class specific mounts.

There will be a new raid, the Temple of Sargeras… with 9 bosses and you’ll finally use the Pillars of Creation.

There will also be a new 4 boss dungeon, Cathedral of Eternal Night.

PVP brawls which will change up some of the existing PVP battles.

There will also be updates to the artifact weapons including new traits and a 4th point to all of the three point options. You will be able to buy some artifact knowledge to catch up if you need help with an alt, etc. There will be new multi-trait relics as well. This is also going to be driven by new quests. And there will be a new appearance that you unlock by completing a class specific questline to prove you know your class. Two of the biggest appearance changes involve a werebear looking appearance for Guardian Druids and a morning star for Protection Warriors.

Dungeons will be upgrade so that gear drops scale up with the expansion, keeping them relevant as the game progresses. Kharazan will be split into two dungeons that you can queue for from heroic and there will be new keystone affixes to help make things more difficult…

And, with the final battle at the Tomb of Sargeras players take on Kil’jaeden… so what comes after that…



We go to Argus.

(Which is pretty damn cool if you know what Argus is. If you don’t, it’s where the Eredar / Draenei come from.)

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