Optimistic iZombie Showrunner Says Rumors of Final Season Greatly Exaggerated

Optimistic iZombie Showrunner Says Rumors of Final Season Greatly Exaggerated

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izombieiZombie showrunner and Matchbox 20 vocalist Rob Thomas took to Twitter this morning to rebuke universally acclaimed TV news website Christian Today for their report that iZombie’s upcoming third season could be its last. Christian Today’s logic used comments from Thomas saying Rose McIver’s Liv would have a happier love life in Season 3 to conclude that the show might be looking to wrap things up. Can you imagine a website using baseless speculation to fuel clickbait headlines? You won’t find that sort of thing here at Bleeding Cool, that’s for certain.

In response to Christian Today’s report, Thomas tweeted:

He followed that up with a boast about the show’s 100% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes:

Ouch! That’s gotta be a huge blow to Christian Today’s otherwise stellar reputation for being on top of all the latest Hollywood news and gossip.

iZombie, based on the Vertigo comic by Chris Roberson and Mike Allred, is set to return at an undisclosed date in 2017, a sure sign of confidence from The CW that should put fears of cancellation to rest once and for all.

At press time, Carlos Santana could not be reached for comment.

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