'Member Alchemy From The X-Men? 'Member? No?

‘Member Alchemy From The X-Men? ‘Member? No?

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Today’s Death Of X #3 set around eight months ago in Marvel’s time sees the Stepford Cuckoos go to Yorkshire. Just Yorkshire, nothing more specific, to find a mutant.

image-28  ‘Member Alchemy? ‘Member? No? Well, frankly, I don’t blame you.


Thomas ‘Jellybeans’ Jones was a character created as part of a Marvel Mutant registration Act competition to create a new mutant for New Mutants. The winning entry, created by Paul Bestow appeared instead in 1989’s X-Factor #41 and #42 instead, written by Walter and Louise Simonson and drawn by Art Adams. 


He then popped up in Excalibur #57-58, again, fighting Trolls, so common in the United Kingdom. And on Bleeding Cool message boards.


He then was mentioned in X-Men Legacy, one of a few British mutants teamed up by Legion to create a large amount of Neodymium in place of brownfield lands, intending to serve as the trail for a silent and supersonic train.


That was it. Until today’s Death Of X, 25 years later.


The power to transform one element into another, could he transform the Terrigen Mist that is killing mutants into something else?

Well, probably not. As that didn’t happen.

Could this be the end of Paul Bestow’s creation?

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