Here’s A Teaser For Tomorrow’s Wonder Woman Trailer (Trailer SPOILERS)

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The Wonder Woman film twitter account released this teaser earlier today, along with a promise to release the full trailer tomorrow. I usually don’t watch these teasers because I just hate to have trailers spoiled for me, but this is Bleeding Cool, and spoilers are basically our bread and butter – just ask Dan Slott – so I feel I need to make an exception on behalf of our valued readers. After all, it wouldn’t be fair to all of you if you didn’t have the opportunity to watch an 11 second preview of a longer preview that’s coming out later this week. Or worse, if you had to go and watch it on some other site, and they got your clicks.


No, we can’t have that. So here’s a teaser for the next trailer for Wonder Woman:

Wonder Woman is to hit theaters on June 9, 2017, but negative reviews from a bitter comic book press out to sabotage the DC Cinematic Universe at every turn can probably be expected months earlier. We’ll keep you posted.


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