Another Neat Storytelling Trick By Alex De Campi In Today’s Mayday #1

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I do really enjoy the work of Alex De Campi. The inventor of the modern digitally layered comic with Valentine, creator and co-creator of comics such as No Mercy, Smoke and Archie Vs Predator, she probably has the widest range of comics written by anyone in the industry right now, from My Little Pony to Grindhouse.

She also has a love of innovation, finding something new, or something old in a way that no one else has done it before.

And I’m not saying no one has done anything like this before. But in her new seventies-set CIA espionage psychedelic thriller, Mayday, she has people speaking – and understanding – different languages. But rather than do it entirely from the English reader’s point of view, with other languages written in brackets with an asterix pointing out these words are translated, such as this example…


…she also portrayed it from the Russian point of view, trying to comprehend the spoken English, appearing as scratches rather than letters…


….indeed, from a variety of Russians’ points of view, each with a differing understanding of English.


And that, specifically, is something I don’t think anyone has done before.


Though you can even work some of it out, as an English reader, from the context…


Mayday #1 by Alex De Campi, Tony Parker and Blond is published from Image Comics today.

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