When Superman Meets Obama… Again (SPOILERS?)

We all remember the last time Superman met President Obama, and if you don't, I'll point out that you heard it first on Bleeding Cool . Pip pip.

Back in Superman/Wonder Woman #20, which you might think was published in 1995 based on Superman's outfit but which actually came out in August of last year, the President met with the Man of Steel to discuss a minor matter of the U.S. Government kidnapping Superman's friends and family in Smallville after his secret identity was revealed to the world. Here's a reminder:

Thankfully, things have settled down since then, as the latest meeting between the two seems much more cordial:

Wow, Rebirth really has made DC's comics universe more lighthearted, hasn't it? No, wait, I have an even better caption: Henry Cavill is much shorter in person. Yeah, that's the one we'll go with.

Anyway, shortly after the tweet was posted by the White House account, Donald Trump took to twitter to decry President Obama's loose policies on immigration and open meeting with illegal aliens, and express his support for government agencies kidnapping the relatives of superheroes in the interest of national security. Probably. I mean, would you really put it past him?

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