Is Your Trump-Aligned Comic Shop Out Of Faith? Does Your Clinton-Supporting Store Have Too Much?


Earlier today, we reported that Valiant was providing participating retailers with a free, 100% doubling of each comic store’s orders of the main cover of Faith #5. That’s the election issue of that superhero comic, guest-starring Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. 

Well, despite that, we can report that the issue officially posting an advance sell-out on Diamond Comic Distributors system and is set to return soon with a second printing.

But there are other reasons why Valiant gifted free copies to certain comic shops…and why some of those shops might just happen to fall in very specific geographic areas.

Previously, Bleeding Cool reported that several prominent conservative retailers, including Florida’s Coliseum of Comics chain, were declining to stock shelf copies of the Faith #5 issue on the grounds that it was an overtly political endorsement.  Though previews indicate otherwise.

Valiant sources have also confirmed to Bleeding Cool that several other comic stores with owners inclined towards Trump have also refused to carry the Clinton-starring guest appearance…while competing stores close by have chosen to boost their orders significantly.

So the doubling-orders move from Valiant may also be an attempt to avoid regional discrepancies in supplies of Faith #5, so disappointed customers might find copies elsewhere in their vicinity, come Wednesday.

Though this could make Faith #5 a scarce book in regions with only one comic shop. Will a doubling of orders be enough to prevent aftermarket activity? And what additional publicity plans do Valiant have to take advantage of increased supply in certain areas?

The US presidential election may almost be over, but I don’t think we’ve yet seen the end of Faith #5 yet.

Faith #5 is in stores on Wednesday, from Valiant Entertainment.

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