TV Deal For Saints, The Image Comic From Sean Lewis And Benjamin Mackey (VIDEO UPDATE)


Saints, the debut comic written by playwright and This American Life contributor Sean Lewis with artist Benjamin Mackey, published by Image Comics, has been optioned for television. The lucky producers are Automatik, also known for the Freeform series Beyond and the films Sinister 2 and Lords Of Salem.

When a group of misfits discover themselves to be the reincarnations of Catholic saints, they must put aside their differences to battle the fallen angel Michael and his army of doomsday zealots.

Image will also be publishing Sean Lewis’ next series, The Few, with debut artist Hayden Sherman in January.

The Few follows Officer Hale, a soldier for a United States government that has cut ties with States deemed no longer useful. When Hale breaks protocol and intervenes to save a child from a massacre begun by one of these factions she is sent off in the woods running from militias, cults and extremists- not to mention the government she promised to serve.

Here’s a video trailer… well, you know. Someone might want to make a TV show out of that as well.

Lewis is an award winning playwright and This American Life commentator. THE FEW marks the debut of Hayden Sherman


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