Charlie Adlard Declares War On The Graphic Novel. Should He Have A Word With AMC?

Posted by October 24, 2016 Comment

1229As part of his duties as thew new UK Comic Laureate, (and in appreciation of a new stylish haircut) Charlie Adlard had some words about certain terminology…

“If there’s one phrase I loathe, it’s the graphic novel. It is somebody sticking a label on something and saying they can’t call it comics as that’s for children … it is a label saying ‘this is for mature people’ – giving it another title to make it for grownups. [But] comics are literally for everyone, and there should be no labelling.”

Well, that’s all very well and good. Certainly the term has been used and abused, and is now a form of marketing rather than any kind of valid description. It also elevates certain comics with a kind of snobbery that is only divisive rather than celebratory of the form. And provides critics of the artform an easy flippant bat to beat it with.

But maybe Charlie could have words with the folks at AMC? Who seem happy to propagate its use.


Go Charlie go!


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