Godzilla 2 Gets Krampus Writers On Board


Godzilla 2 is most certainly on my radar. While Gareth Edward's take had a fair few faults, I still really enjoyed it and there is a lot of space to take this now and run.

It seems things are falling into place too. It's been announced by Variety that Krampus scribes Michael Dougherty and Zach Shields are on board to write the sequel. The outlet is also reporting that Legendary Pictures are setting up a 'writer's room' in order to bring together the Godzilla-King Kong universe.

While I most certainly am looking forward to Godzilla 2, I'm slightly more weary of the proposed shared universe of the two characters. I think the two facing off is potentially cool, but they both can get more done seperately. Alas, this is movies in 2016, so I suppose it should be no surprise franchise universe building is part of the package..