Overwatch Fans Ask For A Dialogue Change For Favorite Character Costume; Director Says ‘OK’

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Mercy’s “Hero’s never die” line is probably one of the most famous soundbite’s from Overwatch. When you hear that, you know a bunch of other people on the other team just got rezzed. There is a variant to it as well, with the character’s Devil and Imp costumes bringing the line “Heroes never die… for a price.”

In the current Halloween event going on in the game, there is a PvE mode by way of the Junkenstein Brawl, where Mercy turns up in her seasonal costume, a witche’s outfit’. When she revives allies in that mode, she says “My servants never die”. Sadly if you wear that costume yourself, you get the vanilla version of the dialogue. Some fans wanted that changed.

In a long thread asking for the change, director Jeff Kaplin came in and said quite simply:


ETA mid-Nov.

Well, I suppose that is proof that if you ask for something, you just might well get it.


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