Cold Harsh Reality!!!!!

b1By Bradley Golden

I have had this project kicking around in my head for six years now. I loved the movie THE THING. How the characters had to attend with the monster inside of the base they were in and the harsh snowy elements outside. The situation seems insurmountable. That’s what I’m trying to portray with this series. Man versus nature and monster.


This isn’t the first time I have tried to send this project to the masses. After, a few dozen rejections from publishers. I decided to reboot the series with a new story and art direction. I chose to go with kickstarter because it gives me the opportunity to tell my story, and get into the hands of the public with the restraints of relying on a publisher.


I am a huge horror fan. I feel that not all horror need to be, vampires, werewolves, ghouls and other manner of creatures to be scary and engaging. I am a fan of the psychological horror that plays on a person mind. Like my story ORISION it’s about a dying man doing everything in his power to live, while a supernatural force is trying to stop him, along with the elements. I believe this kickstarter will help get a different kind of horror to the masses.

This campaign has a funding goal of $3,500. In which we have Roy Allan Martinez(Blood and Dust) supplying the rare black and white variant cover. Roy, did work with Action Lab Danger Zone. We also have another creator from Action Lab Danger Zone. Kel Nuttall(Blood and Dust) will be heading up the letters.

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I have just launched the ORISION kickstarter, I’m hoping that getting this article on bleeding cool could help us reach our goal of $3500. For this weekend only, all the BLEEDING COOL readers who back this project and help reach the goal of $800 will get a special edition ORISION magnet. When you pledge just post in the comment section with this code ORISION.


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