The Wolf Man Gets Expendables Writer For Universal Monster Franchise


If a lot of money is put into a movie nowadays, it is usually being planned to have sequels, or to even become part of a cinematic universe. This can get tiring granted, but one effort that does sounds neat is Universal’s planned monster universe. Taking all their classic monsters, The Mummy, The Invisible Man, Dracula and Frankenstein are set to feature in the shared world.

One of the standalone films just got a new writer too. The Wolf Man has already had one draft by Prisoner‘s Aaron Guzikowski, but now THR are reporting that Expendables writer Dave Callaham has been brought on to do a draft. The film is based on the 1941 original.

I don’t quite know what this franchise is going to look like, but there is a lot of potential in it. Universal seem to really want this to work, and it is probably the most ambitious horror projects of all time. I’m in.