Team Arrow Expands A Bit More Than Expected

Team Arrow Expands A Bit More Than Expected

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This article contains spoilers for the Arrow episode 502 – The Recruits.






Tonight’s episode of Arrow called The Recruits, had quite a few surprises in it and a lot of moments that moved the plot forward. This is one of those episodes where you look back and try to pick the important moments and you realize there are a lot. So lets try to do them in rapid fire.

1 – Green Arrow brings in Wild Dog and Evelyn Sharp to join Curtis Holt as his new Team Arrow recruits and tries to put them through the same test he went through with the Bratva… tying the modern day in with the flashbacks which they love to do. This doesn’t work as well in the modern day… or does it since no one died…

2 – Oliver Queen is expanding his role as Mayor with his sister Thea’s help and suggest she hire some people as well. This leads to her trying to help out Quentin Lance by asking him to do security, but his drinking made him screw up. Not wanting to abandon a friend, Thea decides Lance needs a job to focus on to keep him from drinking… so she wants to make him deputy mayor. Which isn’t a horrible idea since he was police captain, if he can stay sober.

3 – Felicity Smoak goes to her boyfriend for help on a case. He happens to be Detective Malone of the SCPD and we see that she is just as bad about lying to people as Oliver was when the series started. I can’t see this ending well.

4 – Ragman shows up. He’s very much the character from the comics except he was wrapped in the rags by his father to protect him from the nuclear bomb that dropped on Havenrock. When we learn this, we can see Felicity having an emotional reaction to seeing him.

5 – The new recruits all quit because Green Arrow isn’t really teaching them, he’s just beating them up. Not the best leadership strategy there.

6 – We see John Diggle on a mission that turns out to be an ambush by his own superiors that gets his unit killed and leaves him as the potential scapegoat. I kept have to remind myself that this wasn’t a flashback. I’m just not used to seeing Diggle back in a uniform.

7 – The people Ragman is after are involved with Tobias Church… they also had some tie to Damien Darhk which wasn’t clear. With no recruits, Green Arrow is on his own and jumps in during a arms deal after Ragman attacks. GA puts himself in a vulnerable position to see if Ragman would choose to save him over his vengeance. Luckily for Oliver, Ragman is a good guy at heart.

8 – Green Arrow invites Ragman to join the team and he seems to accept. I wonder how long he’ll be around though. I’m sure it will not be good for Felicity having a constant reminder of Havenrock around.

9 – The other recruits come back when GA takes a leap of faith and shows them who he really is. They still don’t ring the bell.

10 – We end with Church… not sure why he isn’t in jail… being attacked by Prometheus who warns him that if he kills Green Arrow, then Prometheus will kill Church.

This was a very interesting and fast paced episode that put a lot of pieces together for the upcoming season. They’re doing the slow build on Prometheus, but there was no fall out from the cop he attacked in the season premiere. They’re setting up a few interesting things with Felicity and Malone as well as Felicity and Ragman. They have to deal with the guilt she feels about Havenrock. I can’t tell if bringing Lance into the Mayor’s office is to keep him around or to explore his drinking. And it will be interesting to see just what happens to Diggle.

Ragman joining the team is an interesting move since this season is supposed to be about getting back to the streets and vigilantes… he is definitely a vigilante but the rags make him powered.

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