No, Geoff Johns Is Not Trying To Get Marc Guggenheim Fired Off Of Arrow

No, Geoff Johns Is Not Trying To Get Marc Guggenheim Fired Off Of Arrow

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ArrowposterMarc Guggenheim is a showrunner on DC Comics-based TV shows Arrow and DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow.

As a result, he has to deal wit a lot of fan comment. A lot. Some positive…

Some negative…

He took some time away from on-line comments. But now he’s back, providing gems like these:

Geoff Johns is CCO of DC Comics and newly appointed Head Of Film at the company. So cue around 78 people e-mailing me to point out that Marc Guggenheim had said Geoff Johns had lobbied to have Marc removed from the show.

Except that’s not what Marc meant. He tells Bleeding Cool,

Thanks for bringing this to my attention.

Obviously, this is a typo on my part.  There’s a word missing from my reply.  I meant to write “I’m sure Geoff and a whole mess of other people have BEEN lobbied to remove me from the show.”  “Been” as in Geoff et al. are the ones being lobbied — per the post I was responding to — not doing the lobbying.

Equally obviously, Geoff is the Chief Creative Officer at DC Entertainment.  He doesn’t need to lobby when he could just make a phone call.  And since we’re dealing with something appearing on the Internet — which isn’t reactionary at all (he said sarcastically) — I’ll throw in one more “obviously” for good measure:  If Geoff, who is not only a creative partner but also a good friend, was actually in favor of me losing my job at Arrow, I wouldn’t be so stupid as to confirm that publicly.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify this.

So there you go. And anyone saying, or reporting otherwise, can stop. But it  might explain…

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