Dan Slott Radically Rewrites The Death Of Gwen Stacy In Clone Conspiracy #1 (SPOILERS)

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That Gwen Stacy was returning in The Clone Conspiracy was never in doubt.

And it’s not like she hasn’t been cloned and revived from the grave before.


But this time… it appears she is not a clone. Although the difference seems specious at best. But she has her full memories up until death.

image-2So… she’s a zombie then?

And that’s where things get interesting. Because Dan Slott is rewriting those final moments, from the original version, from Gwen’s perspective.


Originally Gwen Stacy was out cold when she was knocked off that bridge and killed.

screenshot-557So she wasn’t conscious to hear Green Goblin call Spider-Man by his real name, Peter Parker.


Until now.


So now it has been revealed Gwen Stacy not only knew Peter’s secret on the bridge but she fell to her death, hating him and blaming him for the death of her father.

Could that be the greatest betrayal of all?

Clone Conspiracy #1 is published today…

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