Marvel's Captain Marvel Movie Will Be An Origin Story

Marvel’s Captain Marvel Movie Will Be An Origin Story

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We are pretty deep into the world of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and at this point, we have seen a whole bunch of origin stories. We are getting one with Doctor Strange in November, but we have yet another coming up.

Speaking to CinemaBlend, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige explained that Black Panther won’t be an origin story, due to that being taken care of in Captain America: Civil War, but Captain Marvel most certainly will be about where she came from. He said:

[Black] Panther is not really an origin story, since we saw him already in Civil War. But his standalone certainly introduces you to 99% of his world that you never saw. And Captain Marvel is certainly an origin. It’s an origin story from the start.

This is probably the right call, as the character, like Strange, is something the mainstream have probably heard of, but know little about. I really am excited for seeing this one. Bring it!

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