Where Everyone Got Those Cool Foam Chainsaws At NYCC – Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Posted by October 11, 2016 Comment

Adam Wolfe wrote from New York Comic Con,

Right next to the South Park Village outside convention was a creepy, yet familiar cabin. If one dared to venture inside, they would be greeted by classic imagery from the original Evil Dead movie. The entire room was a condensed replica of the original cabin living room, where Ash’s life was changed forever. As a huge fan of the original, as well as the 2013 remake, and Ash Vs. Evil Dead I was positively giddy to be in a blood soaked haunted cabin. It wasn’t exactly the best place for photo ops, but the nostalgia alone made the wait worth it. Whether it was done purposely or not, the entire display had this wonderful cheesy haunted house feeling, just like the original movie. Pots and pans and random objects scattered around would move back and forth, with grainy prerecorded screams echoing through the walls. After walking through the house, they provided one more iconic area, the tool shed before giving each guest an awesome foam chainsaw hand!

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