DC CW Crossover Has Working Title “Invasion”, Linda Carter Is Supergirl’s President And Steel Is Made By Ray Palmer

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invasionWe know that the “big bads” of the CW crossover between DC Comics-based TV shows are the Dominators. And now Bleeding Cool has been told at New York Comic Con by well-placed sources that it has the working title of “Invasion”, named after the comic book crossover series in which they appeared over two and a half decades ago and when Todd McFarlane was still working for DC Comics.

And, yes, it does look rather racist in retrospect.

More coming out of the shoot is that they are indeed combining the Supergirl universe with the CW-verse as they refer to the president as played by Linda Carter as the “new president” .

It also would appear that Steel will get his more familiar comic book appearance from Ray Palmer.

And this version of Steel appears to transform into actual steel rather than just being some kind of cyborg. Looks to be a fun episode!

Look for the Legends Of Tomorrow going back in time to capture and question a Dominator who invaded earth and was stopped by the US military. Time to call in the men in black…

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