Cryptic Resident Evil 7 Shirt Still Has Us Guessing At New York Comic Con

Cryptic Resident Evil 7 Shirt Still Has Us Guessing At New York Comic Con

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img_13741Adam Wolfe wrote from New York Comic Con,

Capcom thus far has been very good at keeping a lid on exactly what they have in store for us when Resident Evil 7 releases on January 24th. They have however, insisted that the demo that was available for download, and both “the kitchen demo” (described here) and “the lantern demo” are not part of the actual game. Instead all of this demo content is being used a prologue to kick off the story for Resident Evil 7.

I’m going to be honest, it breaks my heart to admit that I did not get a ticket to play the lantern demo. I tried for four straight god damn days and I still couldn’t get in. As a small consolation prize, Capcom gifted me and anyone who else partook in the kitchen demo on Sunday (yes I did it twice, it was that cool, don’t judge me) a free t-shirt.

The image on the shirt seems to raise more questions as this game is shrouded in mystery. We know we’re playing as a new protagonist, Ethan, and that the events take place after Resident Evil 6. However, from the demos I have played, the enemies seem to range from zombies, parasites people, hillbillies, and even more frightening, zombie parasite hillbillies. I have noticed that this is the first game in the series to have both “Resident Evil” and “Biohazard” in the name. Could that be significant? I’m grasping at straws.

Below we see a mansion as a center piece, and what seems to be a female’s mouth. Is that the girl that [SPOILERS] stabbed us in the leg during the kitchen demo? Perhaps that is the wife we are supposedly looking for in the game itself? [END SPOILERS] Above seems to be a rural barbed fence, complete with farming tools. I see a shovel, a sickle, and a rake very clearly. This kind of gives me that hillbilly vibe, as well as a throwback to the villagers in Resident Evil 4. Other than that, I see a chemical plant to the left, two clocks beneath it, a fetus to the right, and what seems to be medicine bottles. Your guess is as good as mine to what any of that could mean.

Regardless, the hype for this game is only growing. I for one am going wear this shirt with pride, not having a clue what any of it means, but counting down the days till I find out!

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