Hasbro Star Wars NYCC Panel: Death Troopers, Two Tubes, And A Forest Whitaker Revelation

Hasbro Star Wars NYCC Panel: Death Troopers, Two Tubes, And A Forest Whitaker Revelation

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By Amanda Gurall

  • Hasbro toy designers and marketing strategists presented some of the new toys coming out this fall in the Star Wars line. The team included:
    Steve Bono, Senior Manager of Design
  • Steve Evans, Director of Design and Development
  • Joe Ninivaggi, Dir. of Global Brand Strategy
  • Andy Ochiltree, Sr. Manager of Global Brand Strategy
  • Aditi Raturi, Manager of Global Brand Marketing
  • Sam Smith, Sr. Product Designer

The preschool age Galactic Heroes line will add a new two pack of Chewbacca and a TIE pilot, a two pack with Kylo Ren and Rey all with new larger weapons. There is also a new AT-AT with multiple play levels and legs that will not come off as easily as the previous version.
image6 Some important notes on the new round in the Black Series:
1. They have brought back aging and wear to the uniforms and masks as fans requested.
2. Director Krennic is the first left handed villain.
3. The new Darth Vader is THE definitive version. They have listened to fans and will not be messing with him in the near future. They have added the silver highlights on the worn spots on the mask and brought back the red tinted eyes.
4. Note the blue markings on the new troopers to denote rank.
5. They have brought more hair sculpts and new articulation for more active posing and play.
6. Raze Marius has a removable canister backpack with flexible linkage.

image1 image7 image5 image4 image3 image2

Some important notes on the 3.75 figures:
1. Raze will feature a removable PVC shawl.
2. HIs repeater cannon will have a flexible hose like the 6″.
3. Forest Whitaker’s character is seen with a robotic foot here for the first time.
He will come with his staff and a unique pistol.
4. “Two Tubes” comes from an entirely new planet and is a new species who uses a breathing apparatus that gives him his name.
5. The imperial grounds crew member is hiding their identity under that mask…
6. Death Troopers will be taller, more agile specialists with removable thermal grenades and will be sold in a single pack.

Look for a second round of new releases in spring 2017.

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