What Is Incorporated And Why Wasn't It At NYCC?


Anyone who has entered the Javits Center this weekend and tilted their head up would see signs and banners for an upcoming Syfy show called Incorporated. That is it. There has been absolutely no other  information or marketing for it at NYCC.

It is not just at NYCC either. There is little more information known about the show  other than  it is being produced by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon, it involves an evil and controlling corporation that a woman must be rescued from, and the "State Farm Guy" is in it.

Even after asking fellow members of the press, I was only faced with blank stares and a few "I think I heard something  about that ages ago."

I remember hearing about it ages ago myself. It was a fancy looking trailer with an interesting concept. I took note to look out for it. I never heard anything past it. Yet here we are, less than two months before the announced release date of November 30, 2016.


A handful of trailers that have hardly made their way onto the internet hardly counts as a successful marketing campaign. It raises the question of whether or not Syfy has given up on Incorporated before it started?

A better question: Is this even a real show or just an elaborate ruse?