Spider-Man News And Art From The Marvel True Believers Panel

Spider-Man News And Art From The Marvel True Believers Panel

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By Hugh Sheridan reporting from the True Believers panel at New York Comic Con…

Dan Slott, Robbie Thompson, Nick Spencer and Peter David were panelists on Marvels True Believers panel today.

This panel was supposed to be for Marvel Unlimited Digital subscribers only (though there seemed to be no problem with anyone getting in) and they promised exclusive first looks at upcoming art as well as some video presentations.

Moderator Ryan Penagos started by talking about the Spider-Man Clone Conspiracy crossover that begins next week. With these pages from a surprise Spider #12 Clone Conspiracy crossover (UPDATE: Marvel get in touch to say that was sadly an incorrect slide. Sorry.)


Dan Slott talked about Kaine’s role in the series. The hand that we saw emerging from the Spider- creature at the end of Spider-Verse was Kaine’s – he revealed – and he will be a big player in the series. Also Carrion is a part of the story.

Penagos asked Slott about the new Marvel’s Spider-Man cartoon series that Slott is consulting on.

Slott said it’s a very ”young Spider-Man” just like “the new movie Homecoming – that’s synergy!”

They showed a clip from the series – Spider-Man in a low-fi suit – similar to what we saw briefly in Captain America- Civil War, fighting the Vulture. The tone of the series seems to be light action and the designs seem more similar to the Spectacular Spider-Man series than the more recent Ultimate Spider-Man.

Peter David talked about Spider-Man 2099 #17 which features a guest appearance from Elektra, as Spider-Man 2099 starts a war with the terrorist organization FIST. Captain America 2099 will be returning to the book also.

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