Will Colleen Wing Outshine Iron Fist?

1225351-colleen_wingWith Marvel showing footage from the upcoming Iron Fist series for Netflix while at NYCC, it seems the break out start may be Colleen Wing. The character was created in 1974 when she first appeared in Marvel Premiere #19 by Doug Moench and Larry Hama. She was born in Japan to a father who was a professor of Asian History and a mother whose ancestors were samurai and daimyo. Her maternal grandfather taught her the ways of the samurai and she became quite skilled. Professor Wing learned about Iron Fist / Danny Rand and sent Colleen to meet him. They both became allies of Danny’s with Colleen helping Iron Fist fight the Cult of Kara-Kai.

The character would continue to help Danny and later meet and become good friends with Misty Knight, eventually forming a detective agency called Nightwing Restorations, LTD. The two would also earn the nickname Daughters of the Dragon. Collen would take various roles through her comic history, including starting a different version of Heroes for Hire with Misty and later discovering her late mother’s tie to a secret clan of warriors called The Nail which she would lead for a while before betraying them.

Marvel’s Luke Cage has already established Misty Knight with actress Simone Missick playing the detective. They also name checked Colleen when Claire Temple (Rosario Dawson) pulled her contact number off of a martial art instruction flyer at the end of the series. We learned at the panel tonight that Claire will be in the new series.

Playing Colleen Wing will be Jessica Henwick. The actress has already starred in the TV series Spirit Warriors, Silk and Fortitude before signing on to be part of Game of Thrones as Nymeria Sand. She proved she could fight in the past, but reactions to the clip show at NYCC tells us Colleen is going to be a bad ass and may just steal the show from Danny.


Don’t believe me? Here is Ryan Penagos / Marvel’s Agent M live tweeting from the panel:


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