JonBoy Meyers Walks Off DC Rebirth Teen Titans Over “Creative Differences”

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Teen Titans artist JonBoy Meyers has walked off the DC Rebirth Teen Titans title after the Rebirth #1 and ongoing #1 issue. He writes,

Thank You guys for all the Teen Titans Love and Support and TT Issue #1 of the ongoing will be my Final Issue for the Series. Due to creative differences, I’ve decided to move onto other projects.

And just to be clear, I left on my own, so there’s no hard feelings or ill will. It’s comics not everything is magical–just the characters

He was solicited for Teen Titans #3 and #4 in November and December. But no more.

The solicited writer of the comic is Ben Percy, but in Teen Titans: Rebirth #1, Meyers and Percy were credited together for “Story And Visuals” rather than separated as writer and artist.  The editor is Alex Antone.

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