Westworld’s Season 1 Budget Was $100 Million With The Pilot Costing $25 Million


I’ve seen the first episode of Westworld, and I have to say, it is really quite excellent. It’s strange, intriguing, and you really should check it out tonight.

It seems HBO would really like you to do that too as they have a lot riding on the show. The Hollywood Reporter are saying that they’ve heard the budget for the entire first season, which contains 10 episodes, was $100 million. They are also saying that the show’s pilot cost $25 million itself. It’s clearly a massive project, and the money does show on screen for sure.

However, programming president Casey Bloys did stress that the networks entire success isn’t riding just on the show though. He said:

The notion that it’s Westworld or nothing, I understand the comparisons to Game of Thrones because they’re both big genre pieces but the fate of the network doesn’t rise or fall on this show. That being said, it would certainly be great if it connected with an audience.

Regardless of an inflated budget, like I said, I was very impressed by the first episode of the series. I can’t wait to dig deeper into this world and see what it actually going on.