Massive X-O Manowar Shake-Up Coming in 2017? #50 SPOILERS

Massive X-O Manowar Shake-Up Coming in 2017? #50 SPOILERS

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Today’s X-O Manowar #50 sees Valiant release the 50th – and final – issue of the Robert Venditti-written series that relaunched that publisher’s line of superheroes to critical and commercial success back in 2012.

As the first title of the Valiant resurgence, it not only endured as one of Valiant’s leading books for nearly five years, but outlasted many of its peers from the Big Two with Venditti racking up one of the longest and most widely acclaimed single volume runs of the past decade.

And, as promised, X-O Manowar #50 is a big issue… Both in size – it clocks in at 64 pages for $4.99 – and importance. In the final pages of Venditti’s run, he reveals a massive status quo change that is sure to have long and sizable ramifications for what is arguably Valiant’s most popular hero…


But that’s nothing compared to what’s hiding in the issue’s final pages.


After a calvacade of guest appearances from Cary Nord, Doug Braithwaite, Fred Van Lente, Clayton Henry, Jody Houser and many more –including a star turn by She-Hulk/Daredevil’s Javier Pulido (in a very welcome Ninjak guest appearance) – writer Matt Kindt and artist Tomas Giorello take the reins for a final tease that can only be described as…provocative…

One where we’re transported into the near future, to a seemingly alien world, strewn with the carnage of warfare…


And then drawn through a bloodstained palace, to the seat of an unknown throne…


…Only to reveal what appears to the new face of X-O Manowar – or least the more grizzled, more barbaric conqueror that he will soon become – along with the promise of a 2017 return for the character?


Is Matt Kindt helming a savage new direction for X-O Manowar? Is this the first sign of a spacefaring new direction of Valiant’s premier hero? Or…is even he still a hero at all?

With New York Comic Con fast approaching, chances are the answers won’t have to wait too long…

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